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Explore our portfolio of successful real estate deals that have been successfully wholesaled then flipped for a profit. These are hand-picked deals that have already been assigned to our investors, showcasing the potential rewards of investing with us. Our team works diligently to acquire properties that meet our strict investment criteria and offer the best value to our investors. If you would like to learn more about our success stories, don't hesitate to contact us. To receive discounted properties delivered directly to your email, sign up now!

The properties listed below are not for sale, as they have already been assigned to our investors. Please note that we do not currently own these properties, but we have documented proof that a member of our team has entered into a purchase and sale agreement or held marketable rights to the property. 

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3902 W Mooresville Rd, Indianapolis, IN 

Congratulations to Eric Brown of Marathon Investments! This property originally had electrical issues along with roof leaks and fixtures that violated code. Eric did an awesome job on the flip!

6314 N Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, IN

Great job to everyone involved in this transaction! Our team calculated the numbers for a flip, got the contract with the seller, assigned contract, and this is the end result.  All credit goes to Dustin Ruhl who worked with the contractors, staging, listing agent, and was the powerhouse behind the flip.


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1435 W 28th St, Indianapolis, IN

Our team secured this property under contract in June of 2021 and assigned it to Eric Brown of Marathon Investments. Eric sold this property to Mo Toumi and Mo's team did a wonderful job. There was plenty of profit on this deal to go around!

70 N Tremont St, Indianapolis, IN 

Our team found this off-market property with the help of one of our Realtors. The property originally had smoke damage from a previous tenant on the second floor and needed a whole lot of cosmetic love. The homeowner had presented us with a contractor quote for the rehab so we were able to come to a fair cash price. With the help of CSAZ and KeyGlee, Jon Rickey was the end buyer and did an awesome job. Great job to everybody involved! Dropbox Link

305 N 7th Ave, Beech Grove, IN

This property originally needed a complete cosmetic rehab including a new roof, waterproofing system in the basement, and much more upgrades. Credit goes to Dustin Ruhl and his team with this spectacular flip. Great job to everybody involved! Here is the before and after:

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