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Do you have a property under contract in Indiana that you would like to sell? Team up with Flipify Homes and leverage our extensive network of over 1,000 cash buyers. Together, we can help you close deals quickly and efficiently. Contact us to learn more about our joint venture opportunities.

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Joint Venturing: How To Get Started


Fill out the form below

To get started, simply complete the form below and provide us with details about your property. It is completely FREE to work with us. It is mutually beneficial for all parties to close on the transaction.


We review your property

After you submit the property details, we'll review them promptly. Please ensure that all information provided is accurate and up-to-date. 


You sign a JV (Joint-Venture) agreement

After we review your property and necessary contracts, we'll sign a joint venture (JV) agreement that outlines payment terms for all parties involved.


You get paid

The ultimate goal of joint venturing with us is to close the transaction. Once we or our buyers bring the necessary funds to closing, the title company will transfer the title/deed to the buyer, and you will be able to collect your assignment fee. The title company or closing attorney will disburse your proceeds via check or wire transfer.

Why JV with us?

Network with real estate professionals

Partnering with us through a joint venture agreement opens up opportunities to network with a wide range of real estate professionals. At Flipify Homes, we have established relationships with wholesale-friendly title companies, experienced realtors, serious cash buyers, reliable hard money lenders, trustworthy private lenders, and skilled contractors.

No up-front fees

We believe in making collaboration accessible and risk-free for our partners. We do not charge any fees to close on your property, and all parties involved in the sale will be paid by the title company or closing attorney at the end of the transaction. With our no-cost joint venture program, you can leverage our resources and expertise to achieve successful and profitable real estate deals, without worrying about upfront expenses or fees. 

JV With Flipify Homes

Ready to sell your wholesale deal? Fill out the form below to get started. Our team will review your information and reach out to you with further details about our joint venture program. 

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